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About Us

About Us

Welcome to All Things Cultivated dot com where it is our mission to support women along their journeys to health, happiness, and wholeness. Although we place great emphasize on fitness and nutrition, it is our belief that "Healthy is more than how much you weigh and more than what size you wear". Therefore our podcast encourages women to view their health from a Holistic perspective. 

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Organic Beauty

A Beginner's Guide To Organic Skin Care For Natural Beauty


Plant-Based Eating

A Beginner's Guide To Optimal Health, Sustainable Weight Loss, and Increased Energy


 Enemies To Your Peace

A FREE 36-page

e-book discussing 7 ways anxiety may be stealing your peace.


Through her signature group coaching and mentoring program, (U Thrive U), social media community, and podcast, SheRonda aims to equip, empower, inspire and serve women along their personal journey to holistic health.

Her business motto: "Healthy is more than how much you weigh and more than what size you wear", is what fuels her passion. It is her desire to  assist women to believe in their beauty, cultivate confidence and fall in love with themselves.

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Meet The Team

SheRonda B.

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to 

All Things Cultivated.

I am Coach NuBerry, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Registered Nurse, Public Speaker and Podcast Host.



I'm Jay. Here at 'All Things Cultivated',I I serve as the Podcast Editor, Music Producer, Software Developer, and Technical Support.

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