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Hey, Hello, & Wassup

I am SheRonda Berry, A.K.A. Coach NuBerry...Registered Nurse turned Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach and host of "The All Things Cultivated Podcast". 

My Story

"The Cultivated Vegan" originated from my observation of my 86-year-old father tending to his garden, a practice he's maintained throughout my life. Until then, I hadn't fully appreciated the meticulous preparation required for gardening. Like many, I had solely focused on the resulting harvest of greens, corn, okra, watermelon, and more. That season, I witnessed his skilled soil cultivation, seed planting, watering, and constant nurturing, which birthed "The Cultivated Vegan."

Our foundation centers on the principle of planting and harvesting, with a core belief in nurturing the Six Seeds of Holistic Health: Faith, Food, Fitness, Family, Finances, and Fun. We understand that true health extends beyond mere numbers on a scale or clothing size. These practices, integrated into my own life with positive outcomes, form the basis for our mission to redefine health holistically for women. We aim to help women break free from toxic attachments and unhealthy habits, encouraging them to celebrate their health journey accomplishments.

While our primary focus is on African American women, it's important to emphasize that the information we share can benefit all women, regardless of their race. Our primary focus stems from our commitment to the African American community, where we observe and interact with these women daily. We see them in our practice, and we resonate with their daily trials and challenges. We are particularly attuned to the disparities African American women face in healthcare, motivating us to advocate for their health.

Historically, society has often placed the responsibility of caring for homes, families, health, and well-being on African American women. It's time for someone to focus on their well-being.

In 2023, "The Cultivated Vegan" rebranded as "All Things Cultivated." We are not just a community or a tribe, but a family.

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