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Cultivating An Attitude of Gratitude

Photo by Vlada Karpovich

Countless responsibilities and thoughts occupy our days. We entertain a plethora of ideas, dreams, and goals we would like to accomplish. We find ourselves in the rut of backward and forward-thinking, and in the process, we dismiss living in the present. We hold on to the past and contemplate all the things we wish we would have done…. should have done. So much so that regret consumes us. We invest so much time thinking about the future, that we end up living in the realm of the life we wish to live “one day”. All of which produces dissatisfaction because we have not yet reached our dream life.

What are we missing? As we think about what once was, and the future life ahead, we miss living mindfully in the present. We are caught in mental bondage, living imprisoned to our wants, desires, and regrets. Our eyes wander toward others leading us to continue to be entrapped in a state of comparisons. The more we compare ourselves with others, the more discontentment brews in our hearts.

The misconception…we will be happy when everything is perfectly aligned, which by the way is a false notion. What we need most is to develop gratitude for everything that we currently have. The best way to do this is to channel our focus to the present moments. Take control of your thoughts and invest them in the hour at hand. Every small step of execution in the present will lead to the massive results you want to see later in life. So, devote all your focus to your process. Live each day to the fullest. Take moments to breathe in the fresh air or connect to nature through long walks. Take in every moment of laughter and take each opportunity to smile and to make others smile.

Photo by Neemias Seara

When you can enjoy the present, you develop gratitude that will lead to contentment. Whether you are married or single, work in corporate America, or as an entrepreneur, enjoy every stage of life. Maybe you’re in your twenties and just starting on your journey, middle-aged and starting over or a seasoned veteran enjoying your golden years, enjoy this season. Each phase brings blessings and a learning process that will one day be a reservoir of wisdom. The best part of the journey is not when you arrive at your destination. but rather the moments you overcame obstacles. It is the moments you built strength, character, and endurance. You are the proudest of yourself when you feel you achieved something, but you cannot feel a sense of achievement without having walked and endured a journey.

Be grateful for the trials, struggles, and pain. Muscles are not built without exercise, and neither is inner strength cultivated without overcoming obstacles. Be empowered by your journey and be intentional about your days. Live fully immersed in the present, appreciating every aspect of your present process. Develop an attitude of gratitude by removing the shackles of comparison and channeling your focus onto your current life. Take control of your thoughts and practice engaging in life-giving activities that will anchor your attention to the present season. Remember, living your best life is up to you.

Be radical, courageous, and mindful to birth the attitude of gratitude!

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