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Importance of Healthy Family Dynamics

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Whether you like it or not, a healthy family dynamic plays a crucial part in shaping who we are and become across our life. While most people refer to the family as blood relations like fathers, mother, sister, brothers, and others; a family can also be defined as persons or people that make a positive impact on our life either directly or indirectly.

We can’t deny that people that come out of homes where unity, love, and care took center stage have their work in life cut in half as they already have a stable platform to enabled them to reach the stars with the support and encouragement of their families.

However with the recent change in family dynamics – such as the increase rate of kids born out of wedlock, born to teen parents, high divorce rate, gross disregard to the essence of the marriage ecosystem, cohabitation, and step-family. This has to lead to deterioration in the physical and mental well-being of the child well into their adult life.

Studies also show that children who don’t live with both biological parents or come from homes run by single parents fare out worse in life in a variety of challenges like education, social interaction, decision making and self-growth.

So how does a healthy relationship play a role in your physical and mental well being?

Kids that grow up in a relationship with so much anger, verbal and emotional abuse, tend to take the same path as their parents or guardians when they grow up.

This can be seen even in adults with an unstable mindset and ideology where they demonstrate aggression and violence toward solving and conversing with people instead of listening and understanding other people’s point of view.

Actions like physical abuse and neglect present an immediate threat to the overall mental well being and physical health of the child or adult. There have been cases when kids were overweight because eating was the only way to handle been physically abused by a loved one which resulted in obesity, emotional binge-eating, and lack of proper care of oneself.

Another negative impact of being in an unhealthy family relationship are children who exhibit social vices like smoking, drug abuse and alcohol abuse, aggression, and a display of highly toxic and risky behavior in public.

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Marriage, physical and mental well-being

Despite the regular disputes that happen in marriages and between married couples, being together breeds better mental health, physical health, and happier outcomes and results in their children and in the relationships.

This is due to the overall supervision that family provides to each other that affects their overall physical health and mental well being.

Marriages and family are also known to bridge the gap and lapses of the effects that divorce and separation cause in a child through a stronger positive impact with great advantages on their well-being.

While we are discussing family, several relationships are outside the family that also impacts the physical and mental well being of an individual.

The impact of school and Teachers

Individuals from distressed homes or families can take solace in the fact that we have teachers who will listen and offer their own two cents in building a child that is physically capable and mentally balanced to face the challenges of life.

While these are not related by blood, their actions and attitude towards the child, for example, will tell on outcomes of the child’s life and how well they do in life. Furthermore, the school and teachers play the role of a second family hence have a greater responsibility of impacting their physical and mental well-being.

Regardless of your background, stepping away from the hurt of your past means creating a positive enabling environment for yourself. As adults, this includes, developing better and healthy relationships, interacting and leveraging on the goodwill of others to become a better person.

Healthy family dynamics helps to build better people for the future which affects everything that surrounds our life, while we can’t choose the family that we are born into, we can choose the people that impact is positive physically and mentally; and the best part – they don’t have to be family.

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