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Learning to Rock Your Big Chop!! Caring for 4C Hair

You’ve decided to take the plunge and finally decided to let go of your damaged hair! The first step of getting the big chop is done, but now managing your newfound texture seems to be a whole new journey, now you’re wondering what happens next? Continue reading on for our top 4 things to do after you big chop.

Photo by Joshua McKnight of Pexels

1. Go to a Professional for Styling We recommend going to a professional hairstylist or

barber to add some style to your new cut. For example if you have a close cut you could get a fade, get your TWA (Teeny weeny afro) or even add layers to a blown out look.

2. Maintain Moisture Your natural hair will feel a lot drier than it did when it was relaxed. Trying a combination of water, leave-in conditioners and oil will help maintain a proper level of moisture.

3. Build a New Regimen A new texture, calls for a new regimen! What once worked for your relaxed or damaged will most likely not work for your natural curls.

4. Do Not Focus on Your Growth Have you heard of the saying “a watched pot never boils,” well the same goes for your hair! By doing the minimal you stop the damage that you just cut off from happening again, leaving your hair alone you will help it flourish. Trying protective styles such as braids or wigs will help you to stay out of your curls.

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