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Overcoming Adversity

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In many ways, life seems to be one trial after another. Our biggest task is to successfully navigate these trials. Although the exact hurdles will differ from person to person, we all have challenges.

Some of us seem to have an uncanny ability to successfully deal with any obstacle, while others struggle. We can all learn to be part of that successful group.

Try these tips to make overcoming adversity easier:

1. Practice acceptance. Many of us choose to practice avoidance, which only allows the challenge to grow in size and complexity. You’re taking the first step toward victory if you can accept what’s happening in your life.

  • It’s hard to find a solution if you refuse to acknowledge that there’s an issue.

  • You cannot conquer what you are willing to confront.

2. Consider the advantages of the situation. It’s not easy to find the bright side of challenging times. But, focusing on the negative only makes the situation more difficult. Your efforts at positive thinking might feel a bit foreign at first, but the habit will feel more natural in time. Simply ask yourself, “What is the advantage of this situation?”

3. Use all of your available resources. Consider all the resources you have available to you.

  • Friends and family: You may feel like isolating yourself when you’re struggling, but spending time with those that care about you can make the tough times much easier. If you’re lacking a good support system, now is the time to strengthen existing ties and forge new ones.

  • Ask for help: Many people feel as if it’s rude to just offer their assistance. They’re waiting for you to ask! Others may be so consumed with their own life, they do not think to ask. So ask and get the help you need. It’s surprising how many people are willing to help if you’ll just make the request.

  • Utilize your inner resources: Be determined to find a solution. Practice having faith and confidence in yourself. If you believe everything will work out, it usually will. You usually get what you expect.

4. Focus on solutions. When you focus on something, it tends to magnify it in your mind, so avoid spotlighting the negative ramifications of your situation. Instead, focus on finding and executing a solution. Just take it step by step. You’ll overcome your challenge before you know it.

  • The solution to your challenge can often involve unpleasant steps, such as ending a relationship or picking up a second job. The key is to visualize a positive outcome and simply do the work required. Just keep the outcome in mind.

5. Be persistent. Few challenges can withstand persistence. If you apply your best solution and things don’t work out, adjust your approach and continue to move forward. It will probably take less effort and time than you think to turn things around. Persistence is paramount to any success.

6. Consider those that have been successful and faced greater adversity. The world is full of examples of individuals who have overcome amazing odds.

  • Helen Keller became both blind and deaf at a very young age. However, she became a highly educated and influential woman at a time when very few women were able to pursue higher education.

We all face the challenges of adversity on a regular basis. The most successful people are able to deal with adversity with a minimal amount of self-generated mental drama. Simply stay focused on executing possible solutions, and utilize all of your available resources. Since overcoming adversity is a continual part of life, it’s beneficial to become good at it!

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