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Who Is The Cultivated Vegan?

Hey, Hello and Wassup Queens,

I am SheRonda Berry and I am the host of the podcast, "The Cultivated Vegan". Our podcast focuses on the holistic health and the complete well-being of the African American woman. My experience as a healthcare professional along with my personal health scare is why the podcast was created.

I've suffered from severe depression and paralyzing fear for most of my life, jeopardizing both my mental and physical health. I found myself in financial ruins in my 20's AND 30's as a single mother due to a lack of financial literacy. This in turn put me and my son's stability at risk. My need for love, belonging, and a sense of family landed me in one toxic relationship after another and it was my relationship with God that helped me through all of this. Each of these experiences has shaped the woman I have become today and is responsible for my passion for the mental and physical health of other women. I share these experiences along with motherly advice with young women I come in contact with.

As a health care provider, I've witnessed female patients deteriorate and sometimes even die from preventable and curable ailments simply due to a lack of self-care. I do not mean from a lack of mani-pedis or spa days. No, I am not referring to a lack of shopping sprees with girlfriends or massages. I am referring to a lack of mammograms, pap smears, prescription refills, and/or routine checkups.

I've witnessed firsthand women neglecting their own health and basic needs while attending to the needs of their spouses, children, or parents. I've seen women pour out of themselves to others until there is nothing left. Their ultimate make sure everyone around them has been taken care of; however, they have disregarded themselves to such a degree that now they are no more. Ultimately they leave behind the loved ones they so faithfully cared for.

This podcast serves as a resource of information to educate and motivate African American women in the area of holistic health. We will learn how to care for ourselves, mind, body, and spirit without regret and without guilt. We will learn how to redefine health by cultivating a new mindset in the areas of Faith, Food, Fitness, Family, Finances, and Fun. We will also celebrate each accomplishment made during the process. Spend the next season of your life with me and I promise you a bountiful harvest.

Peace, Love, and Wellness,

SheRonda B.

The Cultivated Vegan

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